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Posted by Stan Besaw on June 13, 2001 at 02:04:55:

In Reply to: Re: STAN I need to KNOW more about Chromatic posted by Rich on June 09, 2001 at 10:07:52:


All chromatics have windsavers except for the Koch.

It certainly does have a different sound than the diatonic. I agree with you, they are both great instruments, but for different reasons. Your musician friend is just voicing his opinion, and that's all it is, no better or worse than yours or mine. There are some chromatic players out there getting some real bluesy radical sounds. Two that come to mind are Bill Barrett and Dave Gage (although Dave plays more diatonic than chromatic). Both have albums available at Amazon.

When it comes to music, it's all about you; play and listen to what you like. I know I do.

Good luck,

: Stan
: Does the 12 hole 270 have windsavers? I will probably pick one up if I can get some more volume. Also to follow up on the original post... altho the Chromatic sounds really good it does have a different sound than the Diatonic - not as raspy. A musician I know thinks the Diatonics sound better than Chromatics in all respects. I like them both for different reasons.

: : Rich-
: : Good point about the windsavers. I was trying not to get too technical, but the Koch beast doesn't have windsavers which is the big reason it leaks so much air. The Hohner 280 is a great harmonica but the 270's (12 hole) tend to play even louder. I hope this helps.

: : Stan

: : : I have a Hohner 280C 16-hole and it is a fantastic chromatic. My 280C is not super loud has windsavers on it which requires less breath to blow... at the cost of some volume. However the windsavers also seem to help prevent you from blowing this harp out. A bit pricey at around $130 but an easy to play and great sounding piece of machinery.

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