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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on June 20, 2001 at 20:55:38:

In Reply to: Re: I need to KNOW more about Chromatic posted by Stan Besaw on June 04, 2001 at 01:09:22:

: As I said before, this Koch harmonica is an "odd bird". It doesn't have a loud sound because it leaks so much air based a very strange design.

: I still think the best chromatic harmonicas for the price are the Hohner 12 holes. I like and use the #270 Super Chromonica for general use. The newer, more expensive, CX-12 model is very loud and smooth and has a lighter, more ballad like sound compared to the #270. These models are available through the store at this site.

: Good luck,
: Stan

: : Thanks for the info. I notice something strange about it (Koch). The Harp dont have a Loud sound i was showing it to my keyboard player to notate the tones and was pretty confusing but I didn't know back then.

: : Greatfully a friend gave it to me cause it was "running" around in the store he works and was marked for $80.00

: : If you got any suggestion about Brand or models to start, i will be please to know more

: : Tankiu!

During my travels with Uncle Sam's Canoe Club, Yachting Service and Cruise Line, I picked up, among countless other items, I Hohner Chrometta 14 chromatic harmonica. It has 12 large holes which I think might be ideal for an aspiring harmonicist that wants to move up from the diatonic to the chromatic harmonica. My Chrometta 14 is a bit large for my needs and despite my tender loving care, some of the lower notes no longer respond well.
Since Uncle Sam forced me into retirement and sent me out to pasture, I've managed to accumulate more instruments. One of my more recent acquisitions is a 2nd-hand Hohner Chromonica 270. After disinfecting it, I've found it to be a very fine instrument. The only problem that anyone interested in the Chromonica may find is the price, which could make the diatonic harmonica more appealing.
Wishing you success in your musical endeavors.

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