what is a hohner "player's pal" -- replace it?

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Posted by tm3 on January 18, 2001 at 06:45:41:

i started playing harp a few weeks ago. i was given a "kit" that included an instructional tape, a pamphlet, and a hohner harp. the harp is labelled "player's pal" and "made in china," and is a C harp. the tape seems to suggest that this harp is a special 20, but it certainly is not labelled special 20.

if it is an el cheapo, i would just as soon spring the $25 to get a real special 20 or a lee oskar in C based on what i have read in posts at this forum. but if it is really a special 20, i don't see any need to duplicate it.

what do you all think?

thanks for the help!

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