Re: what is a hohner "player's pal" -- replace it?

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Posted by James Liston on January 26, 2001 at 08:00:58:

In Reply to: what is a hohner "player's pal" -- replace it? posted by tm3 on January 18, 2001 at 06:45:41:

I am a beginner also. I started out with a bushman, then someone gave me an el cheapo harp. I couldn't beleive the difference. I would definatly spend the $25 and do it right if I were you. Then keep the el cheapo to let your friends play with when they want to try the harmonica. 'Cause there's always someone out there that wants to try it out and dont think about how disgusting it really is. Sorry, that is just one of my new pet peaves I have recently aquired. These same people probably wouldnt mind borrowing your tooth brush. Arg!
Anyway, I say get a nice one and listen to the difference. If your current harp really is an el cheapo, then you should see a big difference.
Good Luck,

: i started playing harp a few weeks ago. i was given a "kit" that included an instructional tape, a pamphlet, and a hohner harp. the harp is labelled "player's pal" and "made in china," and is a C harp. the tape seems to suggest that this harp is a special 20, but it certainly is not labelled special 20.

: if it is an el cheapo, i would just as soon spring the $25 to get a real special 20 or a lee oskar in C based on what i have read in posts at this forum. but if it is really a special 20, i don't see any need to duplicate it.

: what do you all think?

: thanks for the help!

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