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Posted by Nick on November 27, 2002 at 11:52:58:

Hi Guys
Another rainy day in England (same as always) so I thought I'd spend some time talking with me adopted harmonica family.
You know sometimes when your practising hard and you finally get there,you just want to run into the street and hug the first person you postman thinks I'm mad!!Take for instance a Steve Baker (check him out) c.d. that comes with his book "The harp handbook" he plays some train riffs first slowly and then fast.well the first time I heard him play it fast,I said to myself "you're having a laugh mate!" I kept at it though and last night without even thinking about it I picked up my harp and just did it....."YES!!" Where's that postman!
I'd love to hear your stories
Nick (The little walter of his own kitchen)

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