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Posted by James on November 28, 2002 at 07:50:34:

In Reply to: Re: reaching your goal posted by bluz on November 28, 2002 at 03:29:34:

: You know sometimes when your practising hard and you finally get there,you just want to run into the street and hug the first person you postman thinks I'm mad!!

: Back when, I first got the boogie shuffle together and was jammin at the beach. A total stranger came up to me and said, "Hey dude that sounds cool, Ive never met anyone who could actually play one of those things".

: Carey Bell has a realy challenging style....
trying to master his stuff... That cat is GOOD!

The Errant process keeps ya on the path, so
ya just accept the fact that mistakes will be made
( Thats Good )...and allows you to keep searching
for your goals. This process is not a crutch like
those designed to be efficient and compressed, but
rather lends itself more towards discovery and dy-
namics. It is more than a repeticious pulse, it is
more than image, it is more genuine than it is
better and it cannot be avoided as one adds to
their personal style.

a true art form cannot be harnessed

This process is legitimate a process as any for
creating what ever style of music your digging.

With the help of this site for
discover that on the C harp, there are roughly
12 positions with 3 scales for each... thats 36
scales to choose from to create your style...just
for C.


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