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Posted by Shaggy on November 14, 2002 at 17:03:06:

In Reply to: overblows posted by Nick on November 13, 2002 at 07:57:50:

: Hi Guys
: The cats left home, my wife and kids are pleading with me to shut up,I'm even dreaming about it at night....yer you've guest it overblowing

: So here's some questions that may help me and other players

: 1) Without using the age old 2draw excuse could it be the harmonica? I'm using a marine band in the keys of a/b/c/d to practice

Always assume it is you unless you are absolutely certain it isn't. It *could* be the harp, but it almost certainly isn't.

: 2) Some pages on the net talk about taking the cover off and covering the blow reed, 6 for example,then blowing into the hole until the draw reed sounds. I've tried this but I get no sound at all

: 3) These pages also talk about adjusting the gap between the reeds(still not sure what there on about here.) Does this affect the note when playing a normal blow? Should these drastic measures be left to the more professional?

You should leave that alone until you know what you're doing. If you don't even know what the gapping is, then you don't know enough to adjust the gapping. No, this won't affect normal blow notes. However, it *will* affect normal draw notes. (It's the draw reed you'd need to adjust.)

: 4) I do get some sort of note change on the higher notes 8,9,10, as the air seems to tighten(if you know what I mean) when I push my tongue forward when blowing.But as the air flowing though hole 6 or lower is more free when I push my tongue forward I get some dip in pitch but not the "pop" they talk about

Holes 8, 9 and 10 are different to the lower holes. While some of the lower holes bend on the draw, these holes bend on the blow. You don't, therefore, overblow the high holes. You overdraw them instead.

: 5) Finally, is there any chance of setting up overblow meetings, where we all sit in a circle and someone gets up and says "Hi my names Nick and I haven't done an overblow for three months now". Followed by weldone and a round of applaus from everyone!!

OA..., Overblowers Annon. :) Good idea.

My advice to you is to stop trying to overblow until you're more experienced. It is a very hard technique. I've never been able to do it..., except by accident. :)

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