To Bluz and other band harpers...

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Posted by SlipKid on July 23, 2002 at 20:25:23:

Sir Bluzharper. I've yet to addressed you formally her on the board, but I want you to know that it's a privalage to have you on the site. As well as all the other band harpers here (not quite sure whoyou all are yet.) But I for one do appreciate the feedback and advice you've provided with muse, styles etc. Thanx fellas.

I would like to put out a question if I could as a learning harper:

Getting through the Portnoy lessons (now completing the bending excersises which I anticipate drilling for weeks I'm sure), I've learned to pucker the bottom register notes entirely. But since I've learned, I've tongue blocked every tune. Portnoy comments that it's often said that one should pucker holes 1-4 and block the remaining uper register for single notes. In your opinions, would this be a good habit to begin commiting to memory as I drill and play?

And is it my imagination or is that 3 hole a bit tighter to hit than its neighboring notes?

Appreciate any pointers all and thanx for your contributions.


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