I Think I've Forked My Tounge...

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Posted by SlipKid on July 17, 2002 at 22:09:55:

Never had I thunk
Spesh illy win drunk
That I'de ever play so hard
to crick my neck for months

Blisters on my thumb
Sippin' lips go numb
I've bent more notes than postal folks
I surely forked my tounge

Nocturne octaves
Sunset slides
Sober warbles
much ohhhh' bliged
Slap tounge riffs
now that's the schizz
How bout' a nutha' Stoli fizz....

Whoa! Glad I got that out. Bit looped @#&*%!! Tough day at the office. Great day o' harpin. Sorry Mr. Portnoy..... I'll be right there. Gotta' go, back to class...

(appologeez in ad-vans )
Keep mad harpin!!

-Kidz evil twin.....

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