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Posted by bluz on July 06, 2002 at 15:44:56:

In Reply to: Bluz, this is onena my favorites..... posted by GTLee on July 03, 2002 at 08:35:39:

I dont know your skill level, so dont take this wrong.... on "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" grab your "A" harp and try these licks. 2D 2B 1D is the lick that starts the song off... then try a 3D 4D 5B 3D 2D 2B 1D 2B 2D this is a very basic country style lick that fits. Throw in a 3D to 4D shake the turn around is that 2D 2B 1D for kicks throw in a 4D 4B 3D 2D notice how most of these coutry licks fit in 4D 5B 6B then 5D 5B 4D 3D 3B hope you have some fun with these.
What a great tune......... Enjoy.....bluz

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