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Posted by SlipKid on October 30, 2002 at 08:05:59:

In Reply to: Bending on different keyed harps posted by Steve on October 30, 2002 at 07:01:20:

Steve, welcome to bending. This will be your first harp related lesson in persistance. Hole 3 draw is one of the toughest notes to get down. Try the below URL for some bending pointers. But heres the main thing to remember, KEEP WORKIN'. You WILL get it. It's all about muscle memory. And when you start riffing and creating new licks, your persistance will come to equal success. So keep on keepin on. It'll come, trust me.

Best of Blues tooya
the Kid

: Advice from you pro's please. I've been practicing bending for a few months now, after reading all the lessons and tips on this site. Tried first on a C Golden Melody, then changed to Lee Oskar C, D and G. No problems with holes 1, 4 or 6 on any of these. Tried for a long time getting hole 3 on the C harp, then discovered I could do it easily on the D harp, and hole 2 is coming on well on the D too. I then discovered that bending hole 2 on the G was easy, but can get absolutely nowhere with hole 3 on the G. Problem playing at the bottom end of the G harp, though seems to be running out of breath!

: My question is, to play in any key do I have to learn to bend on each harp - eg if I buy an Am harp will it have a whole lot of new bending characteristics, or if I master these three (C,D,G) will I be well on my way to bending in any key?

: Steve

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