Bending on different keyed harps

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Posted by Steve on October 30, 2002 at 07:01:20:

Advice from you pro's please. I've been practicing bending for a few months now, after reading all the lessons and tips on this site. Tried first on a C Golden Melody, then changed to Lee Oskar C, D and G. No problems with holes 1, 4 or 6 on any of these. Tried for a long time getting hole 3 on the C harp, then discovered I could do it easily on the D harp, and hole 2 is coming on well on the D too. I then discovered that bending hole 2 on the G was easy, but can get absolutely nowhere with hole 3 on the G. Problem playing at the bottom end of the G harp, though seems to be running out of breath!

My question is, to play in any key do I have to learn to bend on each harp - eg if I buy an Am harp will it have a whole lot of new bending characteristics, or if I master these three (C,D,G) will I be well on my way to bending in any key?


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