Re: Hmmm Sheetmusic has some advantages even for diatonics.

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Posted by Bill Phelb on June 06, 2002 at 16:18:10:

In Reply to: Hmmm Sheetmusic has some advantages even for diatonics. posted by Erik W. on June 06, 2002 at 14:48:39:


I agree with you 100%. I also read music and it is yet another way to obtain song and melody info.

But he reality of it all is that reading on diatonic is very difficult because of the "movable do". And most people that take up diatonic harmonica do so because they want to jam right away and DON'T want to learn about music. 10 years of my own teaching and many of the posts of this board should be testament to that.

Ultimately, I think the best combination for the average diatonic beginner is to have the tabs and a sound file for songs and riffs. The whole reading thing is just too much extra work for most people getting started. (BTW, Webmaster, it would be great if the tab section had sound files to go with it. I'm sure there's a lot work involved to do it, but it would be really helpful).


: I think traditional sheetmusic has two major advantages related to normal Harmonica TAB's:

: #1: It shows the rythm and beat of every note. It shows if the note should be long or short, and shows where there is a break. Also a lot of other information is shown and read very easily in sheetmusic.

: #2: It also shows the change in pitch in a very grafically fashion, which makes it easier to use as an aid to remenber while you play. TAB's you read and learn before you play, - because its difficult to get an overview without actually reading.

: Its correct that sheetmusic will show diffirent scores for every key, but it dont have to be such a big problem. If you can see where the most important notes are you will quite easily figure the rest out because it is so grafically logical.

: I am not a sheetmusic genius myself. I would prefer a TAB for learning, and sheetmusic as an aid while I play. A combination of both (like in most guitar-books) would be the ideal solution IMHO.

: Best wishes
: Erik W.

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