Hmmm Sheetmusic has some advantages even for diatonics.

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Posted by Erik W. on June 06, 2002 at 14:48:39:

In Reply to: Re: Does SHEET MUSIC and HARMONICA just not go together?? posted by Bill Phelb on June 06, 2002 at 04:03:33:

I think traditional sheetmusic has two major advantages related to normal Harmonica TAB's:

#1: It shows the rythm and beat of every note. It shows if the note should be long or short, and shows where there is a break. Also a lot of other information is shown and read very easily in sheetmusic.

#2: It also shows the change in pitch in a very grafically fashion, which makes it easier to use as an aid to remenber while you play. TAB's you read and learn before you play, - because its difficult to get an overview without actually reading.

Its correct that sheetmusic will show diffirent scores for every key, but it dont have to be such a big problem. If you can see where the most important notes are you will quite easily figure the rest out because it is so grafically logical.

I am not a sheetmusic genius myself. I would prefer a TAB for learning, and sheetmusic as an aid while I play. A combination of both (like in most guitar-books) would be the ideal solution IMHO.

Best wishes
Erik W.

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