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Posted by PepperBox on May 09, 2002 at 23:28:24:

In Reply to: I feel your PAIN posted by Bluzharper on May 09, 2002 at 16:09:11:

I have a case load of Special 20's and they are my favorite. I bought a LO from Jon Gindick when I visited him for a lesson (he is very funny by the way - I had a great time). Althought the LO was AS good..... it wasn't better, especially considering the price. I blew out my S20 Bb and was jonesin' for a new one. The same thing happened to me last month when I got impatient and felt like I ouldn't wait the three days for Musicana's Friend to deliver. I went to the local music store and wasted (experimented with) my money.

I really like the American Ace and Bluesband because they are so damn inexpensive. I usually buy them in a key I don't play very often so, considering that logic.. they last a long time and still sound reasonable.

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