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Posted by George on May 05, 2002 at 17:15:16:

In Reply to: tabs... posted by madz on May 05, 2002 at 14:05:35:

: Hej, just got my first harmonica about 5 days ago, with the "begginers book for blues" to go... Now i have soar lips, my hands shake and i seem to be lightheaded and out of breath a lot. now all i wanna know is where i can find tabs for modern music. Honestly, its hard enough to play blues to begin with, but beeing a swede i seriously can not make out the songs in my book (i do bet that all of you guys know it though..)and if i cant hear the music in my head i will never stand a chance of playing it.
: So please.. someone.. where can i find tabs? any kind of music will do as long as its a little closer to the 70's 80's or forward.
: Loads of thanx to anyone that helps.
: Lov /madz Madz plenty of good stuff here and welcome to the wonderful world of harmonica ya need to get yourself alot of cds and listen also there are plenty of people here to help you with some technical stuff and don`t forget alot of the new stuff came from the old stuff there are a couple of tabs here but your better off listening your self as for technique learn from the books and if you have any blues clubs there go down and listen usually if there is a harp player there and hes not too busy Lol ask him somequestions most harp players are usually friendly types (lol) i know i asked alot when i started and still do to this day Good Luck keep practicing George

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