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Posted by madz on May 05, 2002 at 14:05:35:

Hej, just got my first harmonica about 5 days ago, with the "begginers book for blues" to go... Now i have soar lips, my hands shake and i seem to be lightheaded and out of breath a lot. now all i wanna know is where i can find tabs for modern music. Honestly, its hard enough to play blues to begin with, but beeing a swede i seriously can not make out the songs in my book (i do bet that all of you guys know it though..)and if i cant hear the music in my head i will never stand a chance of playing it.
So please.. someone.. where can i find tabs? any kind of music will do as long as its a little closer to the 70's 80's or forward.
Loads of thanx to anyone that helps.
Lov /madz

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