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In defense of this site and this message board:

Yes, it's very difficult to breathe correctly on certain draw notes and the information pertaining to correcting this problem is found in many locations on this site including-

1. MESSAGE BOARD POSTS- in the last couple of years this board has been up, this question has been asked and responded to at least 50 times (not to mention hundreds of emails with this question). Search the archives first when you have questions.

2. DIRECTLY ABOVE THESE POSTS- because of the above, this site added a common questions section for the board over a year ago. Click on "Playing 2 Draw"

3. NEW / BEGINNERS: START HERE page- it may not be on the homepage on this site, but it is found on the page everyone should visit first after the homepage. If we put everything that is important on the homepage it would be a 1-page site.

4. BREATHING Section



7. BENDING section


9. BASIC BLUES IMPROV (1. Basic Blues Improv section)

10. There may be more, but this is what comes to mind at the moment.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can make this information any more accessible or easy to find, let's us know and we'll try to fix it. Keep in mind how big this site is and how much info is available.

Now,... please don't ask if my harmonica that has 2 rows of holes (tremolo type) is ok for the lessons on this site. Please.

Play on,

: I have always wanted to learn to play the harp, so my girlfriend bought me one. Now I'm learning to play with the info on this site, my problem I have clean blow and draw notes except for 2 draw.....there's nothing. I looked in the faq section and i can hit all the other notes but that one, should I take the harmonica back? It's a hohner blues harp ms
: josh

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