12 hole Marine Band

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Posted by Scott on October 12, 2002 at 07:09:23:

I bought a 12 hole Marine Band (key of G) because I was reading about it being "an octave lower" on the low end. My understanding was that it would be lower in pitch and that the two extra holes would be on the low end - adding new possiblities and notes to the low end.

well I've got it now and I can not tell one lick of difference between it and my other G harps - a Blues Harp and a Golden Melody. As far as I can tell - the extra notes are on the high end. The low end sounds exactly the same.

Am I nuts? was I expecting the wrong thing? or did I just get a bum harp? I was thinking of getting a 14 hole but don't wanna make the same mistake twice.

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