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Posted by MAZ on April 15, 2002 at 15:30:27:

Hey guys,
I have been offered my first gig by my AP Government teacher, the school is hosting a local Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival. Granted, the gig was offered to me while I was talking about playing my guitar, but nonetheless, I have decided to include my trusty Marine Band in C. I have a harmonica-holder and all, so that's not the problem. Here is the problem: I have composed some blues on my guitar, and it sounds pretty good, BUT I'm not sure how to include my harmonica. I was thinking that I could let the guitar do the talking during the riffs, but accompany with the harmonica during the chords, and then make way for a harmonica solo. The only problem with that is, I don't read music, or have any real theory background, and I don't know what holes to blow or draw into when I am strumming a G7th chord. Please help! Thanks so much for reading this the whole way through, and thanks in advance for the help.

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