Re: problem with my harmonica?

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Posted by Catfish on April 10, 2002 at 22:24:30:

In Reply to: problem with my harmonica? posted by Peter on April 10, 2002 at 20:54:38:

:I noticed that the 4 draw wasn't working right. I get very little noise no mater how hard I try. I bought another in the key of C. This harmonica has the same problem but with the 2 draw. What can I do to fix this?

hey there peter. on the one hand, it very well could be the harp. on the other hand, it very well could be you.


while the 4-draw is an uncommon problem, the 2-draw is a very common problem--termed by gindick, if i remember correctly, as the "What The !#%&'s Wrong With This 2 Hole?" problem. it will only play if played right.

one thing i noticed is that you said you get very little sound "no matter how hard [you] try." one thing that might work is to stop trying so damn hard. make sure you are relaxed--both your brain and lips. especially with the 2-draw, you will never be able to force a note out; rather you have to kindly cajole it out.

back to the flip side, if after a bit of time you have determined that your technique is clearly not the problem (especially on the G-harp, considering 4-draw is not generally problematic), other than tapping your harp on a soft surface you will have to rely on someone else's post. i'm not yet too handy with harp repair.

i hope this helps, if even only a little bit.

best of luck, and keep blowing your horn.

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