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Posted by Nathan on March 12, 2002 at 03:06:14:

In Reply to: *cough* posted by nathan on March 10, 2002 at 00:37:33:


First off, I want to apologize. Having re-read my previous post, I see that it did come off harsher than I meant it, and MUCH harsher than was necessary. It was the end of an extremely bad day, and you unfortunately took the brunt of some vented anger which really had nothing to do with you. Not a good time to be posting in forums, but I digress.

That said, I do still hold to the basic intent of my post in that the poll was asking who YOU would like to sound like. Therefore, saying that people who voted for Popper, etc are completely clueless isn't entirely fair. While I *do* recognize that there are better players, I like HIS sound. At this point I would like to sound like John Popper. Perhaps as my musical tastes change and mature over time that will change to someone else, but RIGHT NOW he is the player I would like to emulate. His music may not be brilliant, but it's FUN (which is really the only reason I'm playin').

As for the whole "personal goals" thing...

You made a statement (which i took far too seriously) about the people who picked dylan/popper/whatever. The poll question was "who do you want to sound like", which I consider a Personal Goal. It did not ask, "who is the best player".

Additionally (god this is a long post!) I kinda chewed on ya too much because of yer name. For some reason I got you confused with another poster whom I believe is named "martin". I have had limited dealings in the past with him via email, during which he has annoyed me to no end. So, thinking you were he, I added that short-temperedness (is that even a word?)to my already bad attitude and ended up making a total ass of myself.

I'm sorry, you're not who I thought you were, and I was wrong anyway. I apologize.

(P.S. - Zeus's butthole is just plain fun to say! Catches people off guard. Try it!)

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