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Posted by Jon Gindick on March 05, 2002 at 15:02:20:

In Reply to: I DON'T USE TABS posted by Jay on March 03, 2002 at 19:01:27:

:Hi Jay ,

What I hear you saying is that you have a really good ear. Right now you are finding out just how good it is, and training it to be even better. That's kind of the way I have learned to play harmonica, too. At a certain part of your harmonica learning, you'll want new songs, new material to work with. Using song books with tab or written notation, esp. with cds will be a great resource. Learning theory, to read music these will be useful, too. The better you organize your creative skills, the better you will be able to use them. But right now, you are jamming, figuring out stuff on your own. learning the harmonica from the inside--out.
That's the best way to get up to the level
where new information really means something. Develop your ability to figure out songs with NO tab, but use tab to get new songs and to test yourself.


Started playing the harp last Sept. I got the full set
: of 10 hole harps along the some larger octive and trempo
: harps. My question to you harp players that have been
: playing for some years is i never needed to use tabs. I
: listen and play to all type of music. I can't hit all
: the notes but play melody with 1st position and cross harp
: 2nd position. I just put a CD on or the radio in my car
: and play along. I tryed tabs a few times at first for the
: campfire songs and found that i play along with the song
: when its playing a lot easier, and faster the learn solo
: by repeat playing the song. I see alot about tabs and
: wonder if i hurting myself not trying to learn from tabs?
: I seem to have a good hear for key as 75% of the time i
: can hear a song pick out the harp key either in 1st or
: cross harp. Anybody else learned to play without tabs?

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