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Posted by Jay on March 03, 2002 at 19:01:27:

Started playing the harp last Sept. I got the full set
of 10 hole harps along the some larger octive and trempo
harps. My question to you harp players that have been
playing for some years is i never needed to use tabs. I
listen and play to all type of music. I can't hit all
the notes but play melody with 1st position and cross harp
2nd position. I just put a CD on or the radio in my car
and play along. I tryed tabs a few times at first for the
campfire songs and found that i play along with the song
when its playing a lot easier, and faster the learn solo
by repeat playing the song. I see alot about tabs and
wonder if i hurting myself not trying to learn from tabs?
I seem to have a good hear for key as 75% of the time i
can hear a song pick out the harp key either in 1st or
cross harp. Anybody else learned to play without tabs?

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