Rust on Reed Plate

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Posted by Blues Lover on January 07, 2002 at 20:13:07:

I just picked up a Hohner Chromonica 270. After inspecting it for a good 20 minutes in the store, I purchased it. Once I got it home, I discovered that there are a few small spots of rust on the exposed portions of the reed plates (one of them looks like a fingerprint). Three questions: 1. Is the brass SO temperamental that a mere touch causes it to rust (that fingerprint really bugs me)? 2. Will that rust spread, or in any way be detrimental to the sound or functioning of my very expensive harp? 3. I obviously can't return or exchange it at the place of purchase, is there anything Hohner's service department can do for me, or am I hosed forever and out $72 because the place I bought it had insufficient lighting? And one last question, can the reed plates on these harps be replaced?

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