Overthinking Again

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Posted by Jezzmund on December 03, 2001 at 17:53:43:

Was at my local music shop today (browsing for Xmas gifts--for me!). A guy came in looking for a beginner harp. The owner grabbed a Marine Band in C out of the case explaining that it was the harp on which every harp that followed was based. True enough, but I think he did the guy a disservice by not explaining the different types (he has a good selection). I desperately wanted to jump in and tell the guy to buy a Special 20, but didn't want to undermine the owner (who may well know shitloads more about harps than me. I felt that at least I should have told the owner that perhaps he didn't serve his customer as well as he might have. Instead, I decided to mind my own frigging business. What would/should you/I do in this situation?

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