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Posted by New2 on November 27, 2001 at 19:13:15:

In Reply to: Re: Searching for Aerosmith Tabs posted by Bluzharper on November 27, 2001 at 04:24:36:

: point me in the right direction, or who has some Aerosmith.

: JJ
: The reason you wont find Aerosmith tab is proubably because the licks Steven Tyler uses can be found on this site and in about every Blues Harmonica book on this planet. Mr. Tyler, though an incredible song writer is not known for his inovative Harmonica. Its all pretty basic stuff. Thats not to say its not Good, its well done, learn a few of the licks on the Blues Improv page and see if you can pick them out in his playing?

: I respect the fact that you are beginning your musical adventure with the harmonica, but dont look at it as learning this song or that song. Look at it as a bag of musical licks and tricks that you have at your disposal and can use at your will when they fit the song, any song. They call it Blues Improv for a reason, you improvise, or anticipate, you see whats coming musically and know what will work or fit. It sounds complicated but trust me its not, just listen and learn... Best of Luck to You JJ and Keep the Blues Alive..

: Bluz

~~~ Thanks for the great advice. I am trying to go thru the lessons on this site @ the speed at wich they are suggested (week by week) but keep finding myself wanting to jump ahead a little while still practicing the last. To help implement a little more "fun" into the learning , and a brake from the lessons (lest i dont get bored with it) i thought it would be fun to try and figure out some of Aero's stuff,but couldnt really get it on my own. Thanks for not only pointing me in the right direction but also lending the explanation as to why i (likely) havent been able to find tabs. :)


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