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Posted by Stan Besaw on November 14, 2001 at 14:23:11:

In Reply to: Hole 2 Draw posted by Jay on November 13, 2001 at 19:01:36:

You can double check the keys for Charlie McCoy songs by using the Links page here and going dirrectly to his site.

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: Not too long ago, i was condemming my LO G harp for
: bad sounding low draws. Now i read that all you have
: to do is breath your your nose. I don't believe this
: will help my problem of the low harps. After listening
: to charlie McCoy ,i have come to the the conclusion that
: its in the breathing and air flow. I only been playing
: for 3 months and i think that a person have to keep practicing
: until the breathing results in the proper air flow, along
: with the tongue blocking resulting in good sounds notes.
: I am going to keep playing along with songs in there key
: so the playing time keeps interesting. My goal is to
: practice and keep practicing until this good sound comes
: second nature. Also, does anyone know if the Keyed CD
: songs on this site is correct, as it says charlie McCoy
: "Silver Wings" is in the key of E & F. I find my copy
: of the song is closer to Eb & E. I hope my playing ear
: is not going south.

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