Hole 2 Draw

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Posted by Jay on November 13, 2001 at 19:01:36:

Not too long ago, i was condemming my LO G harp for
bad sounding low draws. Now i read that all you have
to do is breath your your nose. I don't believe this
will help my problem of the low harps. After listening
to charlie McCoy ,i have come to the the conclusion that
its in the breathing and air flow. I only been playing
for 3 months and i think that a person have to keep practicing
until the breathing results in the proper air flow, along
with the tongue blocking resulting in good sounds notes.
I am going to keep playing along with songs in there key
so the playing time keeps interesting. My goal is to
practice and keep practicing until this good sound comes
second nature. Also, does anyone know if the Keyed CD
songs on this site is correct, as it says charlie McCoy
"Silver Wings" is in the key of E & F. I find my copy
of the song is closer to Eb & E. I hope my playing ear
is not going south.

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