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Posted by Bluzharper on November 12, 2001 at 18:34:54:

In Reply to: cover plate remedy posted by Taco on November 12, 2001 at 18:00:22:

: Hi. I lurk in here a lot and I figured it was about time to contribute soething, so here's "the results" of a little experiment I have been carrying on for a little over a year and a half:
: I have seen posts in this forum and others about people with problems due to nickel allergies and friction problems from their cover plates. I had this problem and here's something that seems to work 100% for me:
: I use postal label tape over the cover plates. The stuff I use is Duck brand. It's the clear stuffwith a ducky on the roll. I split the 2 inch roll and place the straightest edge along the mouth edge of the cover plate and press it back carefully, then trim it at the ends.
: Some of my harps have had the same tape on them for over a year and you'd have to look REALLY close to tell it's there. I even put it on my Lee Oskars to keep my (overly bushy)mustache from snagging in the seams at the ends of the coverplates.
: It works great for me, YMMV, but it might prevent blisters and soreness for some folks with metal sensitivities or roughly stamped hole numbers.
: Enjoy music!!!!!
: ...............Taco

Thats a good one. Thanks, heres a few I use, I use a label maker, industrial type, and mark all my diatonics in the second position key. The tape is yellow with black letters thats easy to see one a dark stage and it also confuses the hell out of the guitar players. This type of tape wont rub or wear off. Ive had a lot of fellow players ask for them. Another, I take the mic cord and put a loop of it thru one of my belt loops on my hip. Just enough that if I or someone else on stage steps on my cord it wont come unplugged or pull the mic out of my hands when I move... Good Luck.....Bluz

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