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Posted by Taco on November 12, 2001 at 18:00:22:

Hi. I lurk in here a lot and I figured it was about time to contribute soething, so here's "the results" of a little experiment I have been carrying on for a little over a year and a half:
I have seen posts in this forum and others about people with problems due to nickel allergies and friction problems from their cover plates. I had this problem and here's something that seems to work 100% for me:
I use postal label tape over the cover plates. The stuff I use is Duck brand. It's the clear stuffwith a ducky on the roll. I split the 2 inch roll and place the straightest edge along the mouth edge of the cover plate and press it back carefully, then trim it at the ends.
Some of my harps have had the same tape on them for over a year and you'd have to look REALLY close to tell it's there. I even put it on my Lee Oskars to keep my (overly bushy)mustache from snagging in the seams at the ends of the coverplates.
It works great for me, YMMV, but it might prevent blisters and soreness for some folks with metal sensitivities or roughly stamped hole numbers.
Enjoy music!!!!!

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