bending - airflow up or down?

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Posted by jim on September 29, 2001 at 02:50:55:

Hi, I'm a newbie and I've only being playing for about a month or so, but:

I have a question about bending draw notes that has probably been asked before, but hey. As far as I can gather from the instructions on this site to bend a draw note you draw the breath in at an angle to the reeds UPWARDS, i.e. to the top of your mouth/palate. However, I got hold of a book called Bluesharp by Tony Glover, and he says to lowere your jaw and tongue and draw the air in at an angle DOWN towards the bottom of your mouth.

Both are shifting the airflow i.e. drawing air at an angle to the reed, and both seem to work as far as I can hear (although I'm not that good at bending yet anyway, but are different in the way youy play it. But is there a right and a wrong way here? Does one of these techniques give you bigger bend overall (i.e. do a complete 1.5 step bend on the 3 hole)?

Thanks for any help

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