"Labeling the key on the harmonica, ( Eb,D#, etc.)

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Posted by Sal on September 01, 2001 at 14:43:12:

I've just purchased a harmonica case that holds 12
diatonics, and one chromatic harmonica.
I've been trying to figure a way to be able to pick out the right harmonica key while its still in the case.
I certainly don't want to "scotch tape" the key on the
rear of the harmonica.In a short time, it will "wear off". A "label" gun, comes to mind. But, I don't want the label to wear off. And, I'm talking about 1/4 inch "wide" only. The "length" of the label is no problem.
And do any of these "label guns" allow you to print all the "sharps, and flats"???
And, I really don't care to spend to much money on a label gun that I'll use rarely.
When I am finished playing a song, I like to put the harmonica back in its proper slot in the case.
When I first got all the harmonica's, and wanted to pick the correct key, I'd have to practically go through the
whole set, before I found the right key. And besides, you'd have to have the eyesight of a "hawk", since the keys are embossed, that they're tough to "see"
Okay, so may all my problems in life be a "complicated" as this. All I'm seeking is my right to "happiness" with my little ingenious harps.
If worse comes to worse, I'm going to have to resort to the "unthinkable"....."scotch tape"...
Any suggestions????

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