Charlie Mussellwhite was Awesome!!!

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Posted by nattyboy on August 28, 2001 at 14:20:48:

I arrived on time to meet up with a friend and we went int to find our seats. We were both buzzing as we both revere Charlie Mussellwhite. We enjoyed some local musicans first who were support for the Master. Three American guys on guitar, bass guitar and drums. Local people on trombone, trumpet, sax and bass sax and keys. Vocalists were Brenda Boykin, Ronnie Taylor and Midge Marsden. Wow, what a show. Then Charlie was introduced. As he walked out I jumped to my feet clapping loudest and making a hell of a roar. I was so excited. Here's a man I thoght who has sat, talked, played, laughed and drunk with greats like Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, James Cotton, Muddy Waters and heaps more. He satrted out saying, The Blues are in the house and I ain't lyin', lets play some blues. It was blues according to Charlie Mussellwhite for the rest of the night. He played a few songs off the album SUPERHARPS, which is a must get! He also played long extended versions too! Well the show was great and I watched his every move. He changed harps in one song five times. From Diatonic to Chro and back again. Seemed to play Chro for rythm mainly. It was great. BUT the after show experience was the best. I get back to you on this one as I'm at work and need to carry on, Sorry. I'm still on a buzz cause I got to meet him.

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