I was too excited, I forgot important questions!

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Posted by nattyboy on August 29, 2001 at 17:48:07:

In Reply to: Re: Charlie Mussellwhite was Awesome!!! posted by Bluzharper on August 28, 2001 at 16:04:52:

From my observations he used a long, non-ball type, mic. Can't tell you what gear he used as I didn't even ask him myself when I got an opportunity to talk with him. Bummer is all I can say. I did ask him about his time with Little Walter, he said he enjoyed playing with little Walter. "In fact, he said, I would show up at gigs and little Walter would throw me his harp and mic and say play. I would find myself left on stage and see Little Walter walking off. I did a little drinking with Little Walter too!" Charlie also talked about being with Big Walter Horton, Sonny boy Williamson an Muddy Waters. He njoyed em all. He spoke a little about the harps he uses, Suzuki brand and suggested Jerry Portnoy's Blues Harmonica Masterclass Series to learn from. His wife took photos of us standing with her husband. She was very attractive and looked so well for her age, which I'm not sure of...guessing 50's, early 60's????? I hate guessing ages! Anyway she was so lovely. One new player present asked how he got certain sounds, she replyied, Well hes been at it over 30 years now. Charlie as well looked so well too. They both were very hunble, not heady at all. The y were both genuine and friendly. I was so excited that i forgot to ask him what gear he used. i did notice though that he didn't use any hand vibrato, that I could see. Is this common for you who play through mics?????????????? He had strick control over his harp and he sounded excellent. I was wrapped to get to meet Charlie and talk with him. It's a moment I will treasure and remember by looking at my photo of him and I, a thankful fan.

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