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Posted by DScan on July 26, 2001 at 18:24:09:

Jeeze, I don't get it. I have been playing for many years (sometimes pro, usually not) and I have never felt like any brand or model was much different or worse than the other. I understand the concepts of air tight and all that but I haven't really seen any MUSICAL disparity between all that is available excepting the really cheap or obviously defective. Currently I'm using 2 Big Rivers 2 LOs and a few marine bands and I don't even think there is an appreciable dif between the wood and plastic. I bring this up because it seems like much of the discussion is about "what kind of harmonica.." and I wish there was more here about technique. Just me. Tone, breath tips anybody? Microphone technique - non hand held anybody? My thing. Any tips?

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