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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on July 14, 2001 at 18:55:31:

In Reply to: Re: Effects posted by Bluzharper on July 13, 2001 at 15:24:37:

: Thats a loaded question DarthPaul. The effect Im hearing the most about these days is the Line 6 Pod. From what Ive read about it you can recreate most any amp sound and all kinds of distortion and other effects with this one unit. You can use it into a PA or pre amp it. It has a pre program feature for saving settings, cost about $300 plus and can be purchased via this site. What amp are you using? The reason I ask distortion pedals are great for guitar, but usually wind up being feedback monsters for Mics. I think most all effects have been used at one time or another by someone. I prefer the Dan-Echo pedal, you can read some of my posts as to why. I hate to say this but the best harp effect is the player. Checkout some of the wild side of Harmonica, like Dave Gage or Rod Piazza...Good Luck and I hope this post helps.....Bluz

When I first played harmonica into a microphone and through an old Magnatone PA system, I was impressed with the effect of amplification...but then I tend to be a purist, when it comes to playing musical instruments. I'm not really into effects, but then again, with some experimentation, you just might stumble into something big. Look at Leo Fender and that electric bass, which he developed. Believe it or not, his electric bass didn't take the music scene by storm. At that time (the 1950's), most bassists stuck by the cumbersome and awkward upright bass and considered the electric bass to be somewhat a bastard instrument. Who do you think laughed his way to the bank? The typical bass player or Leo Fender, the not-so-typical bass-maker? Before I digress too far from the subject, guitarists use gadget effects. Some electric violinists do so also. Even percussionists as well. In fact, maybe it's time that some harmonica player takes the initiative and experiments with special effects. Maybe that harmonica player should be you.
Whatever you do, I suggest that you record your experiments and keep notes.
Wishing you success in your ewndeavors,

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