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Posted by Bluzharper on July 13, 2001 at 15:24:37:

In Reply to: Effects posted by DarthPaul on July 12, 2001 at 06:56:24:

Thats a loaded question DarthPaul. The effect Im hearing the most about these days is the Line 6 Pod. From what Ive read about it you can recreate most any amp sound and all kinds of distortion and other effects with this one unit. You can use it into a PA or pre amp it. It has a pre program feature for saving settings, cost about $300 plus and can be purchased via this site. What amp are you using? The reason I ask distortion pedals are great for guitar, but usually wind up being feedback monsters for Mics. I think most all effects have been used at one time or another by someone. I prefer the Dan-Echo pedal, you can read some of my posts as to why. I hate to say this but the best harp effect is the player. Checkout some of the wild side of Harmonica, like Dave Gage or Rod Piazza...Good Luck and I hope this post helps.....Bluz

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