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Posted by Bill on July 09, 2001 at 12:23:11:

In Reply to: More Questions about the Golden Melody... posted by Blues Lover on July 08, 2001 at 14:15:51:

: Thanks for answering my questions, guys. Just a couple more.

: You say it was tuned so that chords will sound better. Does that mean that single notes don't sound as good?

: And, lastly, is the Golden Melody any good for playing blues or rock in the 2nd position, or is it strictly for folk music, etc., in the 1st position?

: I really want one of these things now, I'm getting one next week! I just wanted a few things clarified before I headed out to give Elderly Instruments even MORE of my hard-earned money. :)

The Golden Melody is a wonderful harmonica. I just got one myself (after hearing Carlos Del Junco: a phenomonal player, who uses the Golden Melody).. I hope you use as your purchace place, I did and the harmonica was on my door step in just 3 days! For less than most stores too.

The Golden Melody is actually tuned equal tempered. This means each octave is divided into 12 equal steps, which ensures that you are always in tune with other instruments. So it is better for single note melody playing, while a Just intonated tuning (Special 20, Marine Band, etc) is better for chords. "Better" is a fine line. All these harps sound great for the blues. It's best to get one of each and play till you can't play anymore, relax, catch your breath and start again.... (oops my harponeurotic side is showing)!

Take care, keep playin'


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