New to harmonica, where on earth to start?

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Posted by MadCat on May 17, 2001 at 12:17:52:

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to playing the harmonica (I've had one for over a year actually, but it was used more as a little thing sitting on top of my monitor than as an instrument). Lately though, I've been wanting to play it. Now I found this site, and started reading through all the exercises for beginners. Things are coming along decently, except for one darn thing. I can't seem to manage to play single notes! (i.e. hit one hole at a time). Now, I know that it'll probably come with some more practice, but - are there any tips/tricks that anyone would like to share? How much practice does one need daily?

Also, what is the best way to store your harmonica. Right now it just sits on my desk, mouth end down (a friend told me that was the best way to just park it somewhere). Any tips on 'how to take care of your instrument' would be appreciated :)

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