Re: New to harmonica, where on earth to start?

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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on June 21, 2001 at 20:51:31:

In Reply to: Re: New to harmonica, where on earth to start? posted by MadCat on May 18, 2001 at 17:41:47:

: : Hey MadCat!

: : Check out this site more closely. It will give you many tips and tricks to achieve a single note. (I started about a couple of months ago)The
: : first few times you try the pucker method or tongue blocking, you feel it is impossible. But perserve, it will come. Have fun.

: *grin* thanks for the tips, I can occasionally manage one now, but it takes a wicked amount of concentration so - guess I still have some ways to go :)

Hey MadCat and Belle...
If you are searching for my answer to the old question, "where to start," it is my pleasure to accomodate you, along with our other friends who are motivated enough to check out this corner of the
There is a lot of sound advice from other reputable players.
Here is mine...
First...take out that little piece of paper that came with the harmonica. If it's a small instruction sheet with a very familiar song, READ IT! Follow the istructions to the letter. Be patient and persevere! Now if you are still having problems getting that single note, and your efforts at tongue-blocking fall short of successful, it's time for desperate measures!
With your left thumb, cover hole #3. Then cover hole #5 with your right thumb. Now it's time to gently blow into hole #4. If you are holding a
harmonica that is in the key of C, you should be playing a single C note. Practice playing that single C note. Do this over and over and over and don't stop until you know what a single C note sounds like (and that you are playing it smoothly and correctly). Now it's time to play the scale. Do so in a smooth and precise manner.
This is what can be described as "where on earth to start" for those who are new to harmonica. Most of us have been there, so don't let yourself
get discouraged. Pretty soon, you should be making
beautiful music...and enjoying music. Have fun!
Wishing you success in your endeavors.

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