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Posted by Marc on April 21, 2001 at 22:30:31:

In Reply to: Need peice of info posted by Begginer Harmonica on April 21, 2001 at 14:48:55:

: I have decided to go with a diatonic Major lee oskar for starters. But i also play sax and i was thinkin can i buy a Bb lee oskar, and the sax is also Bb so then i will be able to interchange the parts for music.

: Can i use this site and other sites to learn on a Bb?

: How can i tell if a harmonica is a Bb(does it have designation symbol etc)?

Standard diatonic harmonicas are not suited to playing in all keys. You need to have multiple harmonicas to play in multiple keys. Thus, trying to read sax music with a Bb harmonica won't be practical. You can only use the Bb harmonica for songs written for the sax in either C (straight harp) or G (cross harp).

To choose a harmonica for a piece of sax music you need to follow several steps:
1)Figure out the "concert" key of the piece(one whole step down -- eg if the sax music is in A, the concert key is G)
2)Decide if you want to play "straight harp" or "cross harp" (see the link on this site "General Overview"
3) Pick the appropriate harmonica based on the chart at the bottom of the "General Overview" page.

You can learn to play any key of harmonica on this site. The tabs show holes to blow/draw, and not specific notes, so the key doesn't matter. You won't be able to play along with the sound files with a Bb harmonica, however.

All harmonicas have the key written on them. It is written in different places on different brands.

Good Luck!!!

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