Re: Soaking harp in water to improve the bend

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Posted by Stan Besaw on January 23, 2001 at 00:55:52:

In Reply to: Soaking harp in water to improve the bend posted by Redbeard on January 22, 2001 at 15:22:47:

This outdated technique only works on wood combed harmonicas like Marine Bands to make the Pear wood (comb) swell and play better because it is more airtight. Soaking greatly speeds up the demise of a wood combed harp and doesn't do anything for plastic comb harps.

If you really want to make a wood comb harp play better, find one of the guys out there that does modifications. The price tends to be high, but they completely take it apart, surface grind the top and bottom to make the reed plate contact areas perfectly flat, seal it (many times with a liquid plastic so it can't absorb moisture), and then put in back together with screws instead of nails. They kick major butt, but when you blow out a reed you have to send it back to the 'mod' guy or toss it.

My advice, buy a Lee Oscar which is airtight to begin with, and replace the reed plates when you blow a reed.

Keep Blowin',
Stan Besaw

: Hey:

: I've heard that the above technique was used by Magic Dick to "loosen up" his harp. Before I embark on a little trial and error with some of my more beat-up harps, does anyone here know of this technique and can shed some more light?

: Thanks.

: Redbeard

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