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Posted by Jimi James on March 07, 2002 at 19:34:11:

In Reply to: Re: using a mic posted by Bluzharper on March 07, 2002 at 16:01:57:

: : ive got my first gig next week playing on a couple of tunes with my mates rock band. what is the best technique for using a mic? please email me any experienced mic players with any advice at all. cheers!

: Here are a few things I have learned, sometimes the hardway.

: 1. I make sure the band is in standard tuning and using a tuner, not tuning to each other. If tuned to a flat, and some do, use the right harp for the situation.

: 2. Test the mic out first, cup it and find out if, and when, it starts to feedback. Have the sound man make the necessary adjustments so you can be heard. Remember nothing turns a crowd OFF like feedback. Stay away from the front of the PA speakers, this will cause looping to start aka Feedback. Dont get too wild on stage, know where you are at and where the cables and cords are.

: 3. Know the songs, and when not to play. Like during the vocals, or when a fellow musician is soloing. Act like a professional, even if your not. Be Kind and Humble, the guitar players will fill in the 0ss hole part for you, trust me.

: Best of Luck and Congrats, sorry to hear your not with a Blues Band, but life will get better. ;>)

That is funny Bluzharper. Until recently, I was never aware or the (real or imagined) competition with guitar players. The same thing went on in lil walter's days. What is funny, is I am an advanced guitar player who took up the harp to get away from the gadzillions of guitarists.
They kinda freak when I pick up their guitar during the break "and commence to wailing" haha.
But honestly, I try to not get in a 'cut' contest... most folks styles are all different anyway. The spaces and repetion is what people remember the most. I think of the harp as a horn,just like the sax. Hmmm maybe I should do the Jimi Reed thing and do both!

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