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Posted by Stan Besaw on February 13, 2002 at 00:56:23:

In Reply to: Harps going flat posted by jayr on February 04, 2002 at 15:29:28:

Go to and read the breathing and tips section. The angle of your air flow should be parallel to the reeds. Changing the angle causes "intentional or unintentional" bending. This constant stress on the reeds causes them to go flat from fatique. Sometimes the reed can be tuned up and sometimes not. It depends how much the reed has been played and/or abused. Usually after 2 months or more, if you go in and mess around with the reed, it just gets worse. Pickup one of the Lee Oskar repair kits from the store at that site. The tools work with any harmonica and the instruction book that comes with it is very good.

Good luck,

: after about 6 months of playing i went thru a number
: of harps going flat. My first was a LO G 7 hole blow
: this happen to a cheaper G harp 2 months earlier, so i
: figured it was something i was doing wrong. Now i just
: ruined my hohner GM G by practicing my train whistle
: bending hole 5&6 at the same time. Last month i ruined
: my special 20 A harp doing the same thing. I have taken
: them apart and can't find anything wrong. Just sounds
: flat. Can they be fixed? or should i just buy new reeds.
: I know LO is available, is the hohner reeds available? JAY

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