7th blow reed always going flat in low tuning DL,EL, FL and G

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Posted by OEUVRAY Pierre on February 12, 2002 at 01:12:44:

1) many of my harps are going flat quickly at this point of 7th hole blow in the low tuning. Why ???
the kind of music i play is done on a "dirty" style
without trying to bend any note.
i hold two harps in the hand E/A or F/Bb, the A and Bb
never spoil. The E breack easily. (I spoiled already 5 harps) ... i dont think this come from the angle of blowing inside the slot.
2) i'll like to have information regarding the reeds.
is it comparable to a guitare string ?
3) can i customize it and ask a stronger reed at this
place on the low tuned harps ?
thanks a lot for your comments

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