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Posted by Gb on January 05, 2003 at 21:04:55:

In Reply to: Re: OK, got a question posted by Slim Jim on January 04, 2003 at 18:42:54:

: : Thanks Bill, here is my question... I read in the previous posts on how to build yourself a mic (I-Mic) since I built my first one I have been hooked. I can't pass by an old phone, CB mic, or anything with a mic in it without tearing it apart and building a harp mic out of it. Do I need professional help already? Ok, gotta go I just spotted someone walking past my house with a hands free phone set up on...
: You have no idea how relived I am to find out it's not just me. Just finished my fourth one this evning,all have been different. This week I also orderd a new Green Bullet element from the dealership for shure for the next one. I laughed when I read your post and my youngest son heard and came to see what it was about,I let him read your post and when he finished he asked if I had written it! I hope someone starts a support groupe for us mic fanatics soon I think we'll need it. Good luck with your future projects. Practice,practice,practice, Slim Jim
: : The Mic maniac,
: : Gb

Hi Slim,
Glad to see I'm not alone either. I have built 3 so far. One is the I Mic, one is just a re vamped old omni mic that now has a volume pot and is scaled down, and the other one is out of an old motorcycle turn signal. The turn signal one is cool for peolpe with small hands because it's smaller then a J-30 but the same shape. Now if I could only play my harp as well as I make mic's...
Harp on Slim, harp on,

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