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Posted by Slim Jim on January 04, 2003 at 18:42:54:

In Reply to: OK, got a question posted by Gb on January 04, 2003 at 10:23:05:

: Thanks Bill, here is my question... I read in the previous posts on how to build yourself a mic (I-Mic) since I built my first one I have been hooked. I can't pass by an old phone, CB mic, or anything with a mic in it without tearing it apart and building a harp mic out of it. Do I need professional help already? Ok, gotta go I just spotted someone walking past my house with a hands free phone set up on...
You have no idea how relived I am to find out it's not just me. Just finished my fourth one this evning,all have been different. This week I also orderd a new Green Bullet element from the dealership for shure for the next one. I laughed when I read your post and my youngest son heard and came to see what it was about,I let him read your post and when he finished he asked if I had written it! I hope someone starts a support groupe for us mic fanatics soon I think we'll need it. Good luck with your future projects. Practice,practice,practice, Slim Jim
: The Mic maniac,
: Gb

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