The Old 4-8-4

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Posted by Bluz on October 06, 2002 at 21:05:32:

I was recently asked to open for a Blues Band Competition, playing with several very talented local musicians. Never having done this before I planned on blowing harp thru the P.A. I showed up with my Harps, Shure 58, a 20ft cord, and a HiZ-LowZ adapter. I was asked to play thru a Peavey Classic 50, the 2-12 model, 50 watts ect. I used the same settings that work well for most tube amps, Treb 4, Bass 8, Mid 4 this is usually a good starting point. As everything on stage was miced, volume before feedback was not a problem. All things considered, the amp worked well. I had the Reverb on 1 1/2 and the Presence on 8. The Gig went very well. Expect the unexpected and be prepared, the old 4-8-4, can come in handy........bluz

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