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Posted by bluz on September 02, 2002 at 16:33:07:

In Reply to: microphones posted by eddie on September 02, 2002 at 15:03:19:

It didnt take me long to realize that tube mics like the Shure 57 or the 545 were not for me, I have big hands. I played thru a Green Bullet for a while and what helped me get started using a mic was this simple. I would cup a pop or beer can when I practiced. I also cut the top and bottom out of the can to get more volume. This way I was only hearing my playing, not the effect of an amp or any pedal. Now I could practice bends, overblows, shakes and what ever else I wanted to, almost anywhere, with something in my hand the same size as my mic. I fell in love with jt-30's and make my own using Shure Green Bullet elements in them.

The best scenario, IMHO, would be to take the time to learn all the techniques reguarding the use of mics. A bigger amp is not the solution, trust me. Playing a few inches away sounds like a good idea, till your playing next to a Van Halen wannabe with a Marshall half stack on 10. The mic will also pick him up.

I have had a lot of tube amps, Bassman RI, Blues Deville, Blues Junior, Twin Reverb ect. I like the Blues Deluxe 12" speaker the best. No tube changes, just my homemade mic, a DanEcho and lets jam. This rig cuts thru and gets the job done, without feedback. I wish you all the best, and keep the Blues Alive, sorry to say this but theres No short cuts. Ive learned that the hard way.

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